Elle stars in Regular Show on Cartoon Network

Elle stars in Regular Show on Cartoon Network

Elle starred in an awesome episode of the Regular Show on Cartoon Network. She played the character of ‘Mrs Death’ alongside Julian Holloway (Death), Michael Dorn (Thomas), JG Quintel (Mordedcai) and William Salyers (Rigby).

Elle books Mocap project

Elle recently spent 2 weeks on the stages for a top secret Motion Capture project. Watch this space for more details.

Archetype short film optioned by 20th Century FOX

Elle recently starred in the short film ‘Archetype’, directed by concept creature designer Aaron Sims (The Hulk, Transformers) and Executive Produced by John Norris (The Help). The movie has been optioned by John Davis and is set to be produced as a...

Elle performing at DGA

Elle was recently cast as the lead in a scene for the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. Directed by Liz Ryan and Jeremy Kagan, Elle will perform for DGA directors during a special Director’s event.

Archetype movie is now online

Elle stars as British scientist Stacy in the short sci-fi thriller ‘Archetype’. Directed by Aaron Sims (Transformers, X-Men, Clash of the Titans) and Executive produced by John Norris (The Help), the movie also stars Robert Joy (CSI:NY) and David Anders...
‘Archetype’ premiere

‘Archetype’ premiere

Short film ‘Archetype’ in which Elle plays the female lead, will premiere on January 20th 2012. The film is directed by Aaron Sims, Executive produced by John Norris (The Help) and also stars Robert Joy (CSI:NY) and David Anders (Alias, Vampire...